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Why is your service free?

Yes, it really is free. This site was built to increase transparency in the classic car market. In return for our service, all we ask is a donation in an amount that you are comfortable with to JDRF, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

Is Sharp Classics a dealer?

No. We are car enthusiasts who to connect sellers and buyers directly without middlemen and high transaction costs.

I am a dealer or collector and want to see cars as soon as they hit your want-a-fied page. How do I do that?

Just send us your email here and we will take it from there. No updates will ever be needed from you. No fees. No hidden charges or tricky upsells. You can subscribe any time from the mailing list.

Why did you make another classic car site?

Yes, there are a lot of classic car sites how there, but how many are built with the with both the buyer and seller in mind? Classic cars are fun and buying one shouldn’t be painful. Take this adventure with us and enjoy the ride.

What are Want-a-Fieds?

Buying a classic car is not as easy as walking into your new car dealer and saying "I’ll take that in blue with the high-performance option". We created Want-a-Fieds as a way to post a car you are looking to buy and let sellers come to you. Maybe you drove a 1972 red Ford Maverick with a 302 and a manual trans and you want to find the same car to relive your glory days. Post a Want-a-Fied and let the sellers come to you.

How do I list my car for sale on your site?

We do not accept cars for sale on this site. We suggest listing your car for sale on several of these sites