Looking For Your Next Classic Car?

We are a group that helps classic car buyers find their dream car without pushy salesmen, annoying e-mails, or round the clock phone calls.  At Sharp Classics we perform an extensive inquiry of the collector to figure out exactly what features our discriminant buyer wants in a car.  Then we reach out to our vast network of over 400 classic car dealers and private collectors.  The results are presented to you in an easily accessible document that allows you to choose which cars you follow up with purchasing on your own schedule.  Your personal information is not shared with anyone.
Why use Classic Car Deal Room:
If you’re a collector:
  • No more searching the same three classic car sites and see cars that sold weeks or months ago.
  • Protect your time by masking your identity through our site.  You get to call on the cars that you like.  Salesmen will not be calling you on cars; you get the option of reaching out to them.
  • Start your search Here
If you’re a dealer:
  • We give you access to committed buyers who are not just surfing the internet and dreaming.
  • Let your customers tell you what is in demand.
  • Search our wanted ads to see if your inventory can be turned over.
  • Start your search  Here